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What I Should Have Done on My Summer Vacations

July 22nd 2015 No comments yet  

tent-765064_1280For me, this was always the first back-to-school assignment—share with the class what you did on your summer vacation. Typically, what I had to look back on was a season spent plowing through books on the library’s summer reading list, which I still defend as an excellent use of a vacation. But I wonder sometimes if I missed out on chances to make friends or spend extended time in God’s natural world.

As a child, I was always nervous about leaving the safety of my home. My fears, while intended to keep …

Christian Reality in a Tolerant World

July 16th 2015 1 comment so far  

supreme-court-546279_1920-2-600x391Last month, the Supreme Court of the United States issued a ruling that will change the landscape of Christianity in America permanently. In a 5-4 ruling, gay marriage is now legal nationwide.

A long legal slog through the court of appeals and states pushing back is still to come, but the damage is done. The hope of Christians “putting God back in the government” or reverting the United States to a majority Christian nation again is dead. Our new reality is that we are quickly becoming a minority in our country. Maybe …

Night Fears

July 10th 2015 No comments yet  

sleepingchildMy children are getting bigger each day, and each day I can see the reflection of God’s love for me through parenthood. They rely on me to be a source of strength and comfort for them—providing for their basic needs and soothing their emotions. Oftentimes I don’t have a clue about what I am doing, but I have come to realize that as I learn to become a better parent, I become a better person and a better child to God.

Sleep training, strangely enough, has a huge parallel with my relationship with …

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Christian Reality in a Tolerant World
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