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Memorize The Word

September 16th 2008 2 comments so far  

Breakfast stayed with me today. Not the food””I enjoy the eggs at Corner Bakery. But the conversation””it’s still leaving its aftertastes.

I enjoyed breakfast with Scott Erwin. You probably don’t know him. I didn’t until today. Scott is a former professional golfer who played the PGA tour. He’s golfed all around the world. While working as a pro, God got hold of his heart. He was later mentored by a former board member of Dallas Seminary who introduced him to Bible memorization. He now has hundreds of verses memorized, word for word. He uses the verses in his conversations as a …

A Threshold Crossed

September 15th 2008 No comments yet  

Yesterday (9/14) was glorious! And momentous! And exhausting!

Glorious. I don’t think that word’s too hyperbolic to describe yesterday’s worship experience. For me it was the culmination of almost five years of praying, yearning, thinking, talking, decision-making and, okay, I’ll admit it, worrying. I wept and I laughed and I tried to soak in everything that I could see and hear. Watching folks react to the atrium and the worship center was fascinating. One little boy told me that the atrium looked like an airport. “And that’s a complement,” his mother assured me. There were not a few “wows” …

An Urgent Call to Prayer

September 9th 2008 No comments yet  

Hindu extremists have incited widespread violence against Christians in the Indian state of Orissa. Reports from Orissa tell of dozens of churches destroyed, Christians driven from their homes, pastors beaten, and over twenty martyrs. Thousands of Christians are hiding in forests, afraid to return to their homes and villages. The violence erupted after a Hindu swami was assassinated by a radical Marxist group and the blame was cast on Christians. Police and other state authorities have frequently refused to intervene and offer any protection for Christians or for churches. The persecution is some of the …

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