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A Small Voice in the Storm

March 30th 2016 No comments yet  

rain on the windowThough I believe our God speaks in a still, small voice, I also believe that voice can accompany a storm. I was reminded of this when my new car happened to be among the 50,000 vehicles in the Dallas area damaged by our recent hail disaster. I cannot say I have enjoyed the aftermath, but I can say that the Spirit has made His message clear to me through the wreckage.

Right now, the cars of Dallas are a mess of busted windshields and dented bodies—to the dismay of insurance agencies, rental shops, and repair centers everywhere. Amid the chaos of filing my claim, begging for a field inspection, hunting down a rental car, and coordinating rides to work, my pride has been under siege. My walls of control are crumbling as the Spirit reminds me of my need for Him and His people. Three gentle reminders stick out to me, spoken in the uproar.

You cannot do it all.

While I am without a car, I find myself at the mercy of friends and family who are willing to chauffer me to and from work, meetings, grocery stores…everywhere. I am not only grateful for their generous service, but I am totally dependent on it. That is a rare helplessness for me—a typically mobile, free adult.

But it is an excellent reminder of my total dependence on God’s provision. Though He has made me a mostly capable person, I need more than myself to make it through this life. I need His Spirit, and I need the helping hands of His people.

You cannot control it all.

My peace of mind must not depend on the measure of control I possess. All week, I have had to ask for help and wait patiently for rides to arrive or respond to my requests, trusting my plans to the people God has placed around me.

But it’s not only the aftermath of the hail that is teaching me this—the storm itself forced me to admit my embarrassing lack of control. Truly, it’s impossible to feel “in control” while avocado-sized hail pelts your roof and hammers your windows.

If I fail to remember that my peace comes from my soul’s security in Christ alone, every hail storm will rattle me. I am not in control, and that is okay; I have no reason to be afraid (or so I heard Him say while I was in the fetal position during the downpour).

You cannot earn it all.  

There is no way I have done enough to deserve the kindness I have been shown this week. Saying “thank you” doesn’t feel like enough when my friends—who have kids and jobs and lives of their own—give up hours of their day to cart me around. My pride insists I must have been good enough to earn this kindness, and my insecurity claims that I should feel guilty because I haven’t, but neither is correct. My friends give freely out of love. And when they do it, they point me to Christ, whose gifts I could certainly never earn or repay. Try as I may, I can’t even the score—and He has not asked me to.

The Lord is speaking to me through trouble and through joy these days. Sometimes it just takes a bit of hail to get me to listen.


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