I love the way our heart soars when we return to the mission

November 5th 2007 2 comments so far  

I was recently away from work for a couple of weeks because of pneumonia. Two trips to the hospital, one allergic reaction to medication, and a number of days in bed later, and now I’m fine. Although I still have a small cough as a reminder that my body played host to an invasion of bacterial bugs.

If I learned anything from the experience, I learned that working with Chuck, our Senior Pastor at Stonebriar, gets some odd attention from a lot of people outside our church family. While I sat in the hospital examination room after a severe allergic reaction …

The First Bloom of Our Strategic Plan

September 26th 2007 1 comment so far  

Have you ever been asked, “How did you and your spouse meet?” What about the common question, “How did you decide to enter your career? What drew you to your chosen field of work?” Most of us have been asked similar things. We seem to appreciate knowing the roots of things that are important. If you are curious about our recent strategic thinking, here’s the root of our process.

Our strategic planning at Stonebriar began five months ago as we evaluated whether we have a straightforward process that moves people through the stages of spiritual growth. None of us can force …

Stepping into the Future

September 26th 2007 1 comment so far  

Knowing myself””and my friends will verify this understatement with a deep chuckle””this blog entry will simply be the first in a string of entries about our recent process of strategic planning.

The elders and staff from Stonebriar met last weekend for our first combined strategic planning retreat. As a new guy, I entered those two days with a mixed bag of emotions and hopes. I was comfortable with the concept of strategic planning. Been there, done that. Yet I wondered whether we were ready for such a process. Do we have the relationships, I wondered, that are strong enough to endure …

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