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Bomber Guy Says “HI”

August 29th 2007 (10) comments so far  

If you are asking the age-old question, “What am I doing here?”, then you have found the right place for an answer. You are reading a blog. You’re welcome.

I hope you weren’t looking for a deep answer, because this ain’t the place. And I’m not the guy.

I guess I should tell you who I am. I am Roy Williamson and I serve as the Pastor over Families and Parenting Ministries at Stonebriar Community Church. I am the oldest new pastor around; I graduated from Dallas Seminary in August of 2003. I took a 26 year detour between college and seminary on my way into vocational ministry, spending 20 of those years in Uncle Sam’s Air Force flying B-52’s (the aircraft not the band).

As would be expected, I developed a full military vocabulary over the years ““ the one with the jargon and acronyms (as the son of an El Paso contractor, I was already conversant in single syllable expletives). In military terms, “Proceed TDY after PCS CONUS remote, requal CCTS (KMER) IAW 60-1,” describes three years Det 18, 1CEVG/ECRG. Clear, huh.

So it has been a challenge for me to decipher and master the jargon and phrases that are prevalent in Christian circles. I mean, come on: you hang around a group of evangelicals long enough and you’ll pick up a different lingo. It sounds like a mixture of biblical terms and concepts expressed in pseudo-biblical terminology, but I suspect it is just sanctimonious whimsy. Serve it up with a generous helping of piety and earnestness and everybody nods like they actually understand what is being said.

So help me out here. Can anyone out there tell me what is meant by: “Let go and let God.”? How about “There’s another jewel in your crown”? What exactly are “journeying mercies” and a “hedge of protection”?

How about some other phrases? What are you curious about? (Enquiring minds want to know.)

I will throw this out: Christianese linguists tell me that the expression “Bless your heart” is from the Alabama Baptist dialect, and means “you’re so foolish.”

But I’m still in the dark about the others. Help me out.



    Leslie September 3rd at 7:25 am  

    Dear Pastor:

    My name is Leslie. I am an Indian Christian, born, brought up and living in India. I liked your post, especially because I come from a cultural Christian background, and I have been put off by the Christianese and the Christian sub-culture. In fact, it was from Dr. Swindoll that I learned what true Christian freedom is, and you ‘echo’ the same attitude. It is refreshing to know pastors like you, who are real and down-earth. You guys resemble the true freedom that our Lord has provided for us.

    Just some thoughts, off the cuff!!


    Leslie September 3rd at 8:00 am  

    Dear Pastor:

    Oops! That was not “… down-earth”, but down-to-earth!!


    Darth September 5th at 1:34 pm  

    Okay, here’s one for you. What’s the difference between – being “religious” vs. “spiritual”?


    Leslie September 6th at 8:29 am  

    Hi Darth:

    I don’t know if I’m supposed to answer this, but is being religious got to do something with people’s opinions about how/what a Christian to do and behave and wear and all that, while being spritiual is something to do with the Spirit Himself!?!


    Ron Stracener September 6th at 8:33 am  

    I think the term “Let go and let God” means for us to let go of the things we are trying to do and let God do it for us. It carries with it the idea of not trying to make things happen ourselves but waiting for God to do His will in our lives without us taking any credit for it. We all want to take credit for what happens in our lives, but we all know that God is the one who performs it. Somewhere in Proverbs it even talks about casting lots and it says basically, we may cast lots, or roll the dice, but God is the one who controls how they fall or how the lot is determined. We don’t think of God, sometimes, as even controlling the roll of the dice. (I really don’t know if He controls it if we are actually gambling.) But God is in control of everything that happens in our lives and knows what is going to happen before we think about doing it. We have to let go of the control stick (military jargon) as if we are on autopilot and let God do what needs to be done in our lives. I think that if God wanted us to fly by the seat of our pants he would have told us to do that. But it tells us to “acknowledge Him in all our ways, and He will direct our paths.” I may be all wrong about this, but it is the only way I know to let God work in my life.


    darth September 6th at 11:47 am  


    Delighted to hear your thoughts. Let me ask this question. As followers of the teachings of Christ, was Jesus religious, spirtual??? Bomber guy, what say you?


    Leslie September 10th at 5:43 am  


    If “religious” means the mere customs of man, and “spiritual” means the thoughts of the Spirit, then Jesus was spiritual and not religious. Could that be the reason he always had trouble with the religious folks of his day?!!


    Jack February 4th at 11:48 am  

    why the lack of picture and lack of a real name for Bomber?


    admin - staff March 5th at 8:26 am  

    The lack of a picture is that I just haven’t been able to chase Roy down and snap a shot of him. As far as his real name it’s listed above his call handle.


    Jack Vollriede October 18th at 11:45 am  

    I spent time in CEVG and ECRG…Det 8, Richmond KY, Det 18 Fosythe MT, 51 EWTS, Pil Sung WRG, South Korea, MDL Glendive, MT, MDL Dugway Proving Grounds UT.

    I’m in a CE unit out of Grissom ARB now…and going on a year long Bagram Afghanistan trip soon

    It’s rare to hear CEVG or ECRG anymore

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