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On the Road Again (Well, sort of. Actually it’s “on the plane again.”)

August 23rd 2007 No comments yet  

I’m leaving this afternoon for Moscow, Russia, where I will be working with Peter Mitskevich. Peter, a former medical doctor in Russia, studied at Dallas Theological Seminary. Since graduating from DTS and returning to Moscow, Peter has planted a new church, worked in the leadership of the Russian Baptist Union, and developed the Russian broadcast of Insight for Living. In many regards he is the Russian Chuck Swindoll.

Recently Peter was appointed to be the President of Moscow Theological Seminary. He called me this summer to seek advice on a wide array of issues and challenges facing the seminary. During that …

So, what’s it like being a missionary?

July 5th 2007 1 comment so far  

During our trip we had the privilege of being with several missionaries, most of whom are former students of mine at DTS. We loved that part of the trip. Their lives inspire me to step into the classroom each and every day. When class begins I don’t see students, I see missionaries whose lives will intersect with the lives of folks all over the world, most of whom I’ll never meet. What more could someone ask of God than a life filled with that privilege?

“So what’s it like being a missionary?” That question comes up quite frequently. …

Leaving Africa

July 1st 2007 1 comment so far  

In leaving Tunisia for London, our African adventure truly did come to an end. We’ve seen the southernmost and the northernmost countries of this vastly complex, even inscrutable, continent where different histories, geographies, and climates, form an intricately chaotic mosaic of cultures, tongues, and peoples.

You can quickly fall in love with wanting to understand Africa through broad sweeping generalizations. Our minds crave the simplicity of such overstatement. Our hearts tell us a different story. Africa, per se, defies explanation. Life here requires the humility to live with unanswered questions, the courage to live with the uncertainty, and the …

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