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Stepping into the Future

September 26th 2007 1 comment so far  

Knowing myself””and my friends will verify this understatement with a deep chuckle””this blog entry will simply be the first in a string of entries about our recent process of strategic planning.

The elders and staff from Stonebriar met last weekend for our first combined strategic planning retreat. As a new guy, I entered those two days with a mixed bag of emotions and hopes. I was comfortable with the concept of strategic planning. Been there, done that. Yet I wondered whether we were ready for such a process. Do we have the relationships, I wondered, that are strong enough to endure …

Continuing My Thoughts On “How To Welcome A Returning Pastor”

September 5th 2007 1 comment so far  

Generally a returning pastor hopes for a warm welcome””nothing ostentatious, but genuine gladness nonetheless. Even pastors who serve with great confidence in the Lord hope to hear a word about whether they were missed. That’s not because they believe they are indispensable, but rather because they are appreciated for their place in the Body of Christ.

He is also deeply excited about sharing what God did for him””to test new ideas and further those ideas. Yet he desperately wants to reconnect with the old momentum as well, one that he left prayerfully in the hands of others. He wants to know …

How To Welcome A Returning Pastor

August 30th 2007 1 comment so far  

A good shepherd does what it takes to get his sheep to pasture. Obviously he cares for the needs of the sheep. He feeds them. He nurtures their bruised legs as they walk. He even stands in the path of danger in order to protect them on the way. I saw a good example of this while traveling in Colorado on vacation one year. My family and I were driving to our campground””one that was way back in the national forests. As I maneuvered the curves in the two-lane road, we unexpectedly came upon a shepherd standing in the middle …

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