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Eternal Perspective

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We have all heard the comments of the astronaut who is given the privilege of a glimpse of earth from high above.  They have a rare perspective of the place Christians call our “temporary home.”  The words astronauts use to describe our earth are beset with adjectives of awe.  Their perspective provides them the opportunity to see the beauty of the whole as opposed to the ugliness of the parts.  The perspective allows an almost blessed myopia that is simultaneously naive and purposeful with its opportunity to choose the view.

Such is the joy…and the challenge of an eternal perspective.  Which “view” of the events of my life…my day…will I choose?  Do I see the parts of ugliness or the beauty of the whole? As a Christian I am cognizant that I have been given a heavenly address.  I am a citizen of heaven, and the view from my front porch should be stunning.  Sadly, I often choose to look out my back door and see a yard littered with junk and overgrown weeds.  The gravitational pull of my earth-bound realities create a push-pull tension within my mind that is nothing short of a psychotic break.  Let me share with you a practical example of my cognitive dissonance.

I believe that all change is a function of being broken.  We do not change until we are uncomfortable enough to change.  We also do not learn well.  Perhaps more accurately stated- we don’t “remember.” well.  The record of God and man paints an obvious cycle of behavior that remains as constant today in my life as it was in the Israelites of the Old Testament.  God blesses, and man benefits.  Man reads his own press clippings and assumes his own greatness.  As he increases in himself…he marginalizes God.  Man rebels actively or passively from God.  Cracks begin to occur, resulting in a collapse.  Man is prostrate and crushed in his brokenness… his self-created greatness collapsed… and petitions a redemptive God for a loving response. It is here where we have a chance for change.  A chance for growth. A chance to live differently.

It’s painful. It’s ugly. It’s destructive.  It’s non-linear. It makes no sense. It seems unjust. It’s long-suffering. And it typically has collateral damages associated with it. But…with all that… it remains under the allowance of an almighty sovereign Lord.

From my perspective, it just looks like failure.  I feel like a failure. What I must trust is that from God’s perspective it looks like redemption and sanctification.  I look beautiful.

If I am able to view ALL happenings in my day…good or not so good from an eternal perspective, a couple of things happen.  I take away the “power” of failure.  I see whatever is occurring not as a terminal occurrence but rather as a stepping stone.  I remove guilt and shame from its corrosive decomposition of my soul.  I take my momentary brokenness and become aware of a much bigger purpose.  I am no longer chained to the moment, the event.  I am free…I am simply free. It is from this freedom…that our Lord gave to me that I can hope to be different.

It’s a matter of perspective, isn’t it? will I see whatever is happening and know that God is in control and look for Him and wait expectantly for what He will do…or do I remained bound and defined? It makes no sense, which is why it’s so amazing and revolutionary radical. I love it.

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