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Granny’s Psalms and Chocolate

August 7th 2015 No comments yet  

music roseMy granny loved to sing, even though she couldn’t carry a tune in a hand-held basket. Yet, even at four years old, I remember looking up at her and knowing that every word and note coming out of her mouth was heartfelt. She was not a person who just went through the motions. Although her hair was white by the time I came into the world, her red-haired personality was still fierce. Granny saw world wars come and go, farmed to keep her family and neighbors fed when hunger struck the nation, had children, lost children, and sang through it all. She sang with joy—and it was infectious. There was nothing better than rifling through her chocolate stash while belting “Mansion Over the Hilltop” in our own special harmony.

David said that he would sing and make music with all his soul (Psalm 108:1). Perhaps he may have been a little like my granny. I don’t envision him angstily penning away his woes, but rather living out his sorrows and his joys through song. David expressed what he felt fully and didn’t hide it away. His music was cathartic. From young boy to aging man, through battle, solitude, victory, and loss, music was David’s means of communicating with God. And God listened.

Sometimes I think we get caught up in the false shininess of society and are afraid to present the rawness of feeling that can envelop us. Even in worship, we lower our voices so that no one notices a missed note or incorrect word. We might even be afraid to pray out loud for fear that our words will sound awkward. We monitor our feelings so that elation or despair become unrecognizable. Through that, we forget who the real audience is: God.

Mistakes, triumphs, joys, and sorrows are all a part of life. Through it all, God wants and even commands us to sing praise.

Take a cue from my granny and never be afraid to miss a note. When Granny lost the ability to hear others sing, she still sang to herself, hands tapping on her legs to a rhythm only she knew. And God listened.

Written by Susan Jacobson, Staff Writer and Graphic Designer.


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