It’s Monday Evening in Maputo, Mozambique

It’s Monday evening in Maputo, Mozambique. We (my wife Priscilla, along with Lee and RoseAnn Hopwood) arrived this afternoon in Maputo (pronounced “mah poo too”) on a flight from Johannesburg, South Africa. That was after two previous all night flights from Dallas to London (Sat.-Sun.) and London to Johannesburg (Sun.-Mon.). We’re bone weary but excited to be here.

Over two million folks call Maputo home. Driving from the airport Priscilla and I just looked at each other and said, “This is Africa!” After traveling for over thirty hours when we got in the line for passport control for foreign nationals there was nobody there to check our passports. So we all just waited in line smiling at each other. I suspect that most were thinking the same thing, “This is Africa!”

We’re staying in a guest home run by a missionary who’s been here since the early sixties. We’ve met at the guest house a German lady who’s just moved to Maputo to teach at a seminary, an Ethiopian couple working with Samaritan’s Purse, a British missionary who lives up in the northern part of Mozambique and a college student from Colorado. Maputo is a thriving African metropolis that seems to have a life of its own. Constant movement and sound mixed with a dizzying array of smells and sensations. I love it!

Tomorrow I begin teaching at a conference for missionaries and national church leaders. I’ll have eight sessions over the next four days and Lee will lead a devotional on Wednesday morning. I’m sure that we’ll be preaching somewhere on Sunday. In the afternoons we’ll be visiting various ministries. Tune in to the blog and we’ll try to send an update each day.

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  1. Mark,
    As a founding member of Stonebriar, I’ve always been impressed by service you provide using the gifts God has so clearly given you. To hear of your looooong journey and see that you sent this update to your “home” church family to quickly, only increases my esteem for God’s work in your life. Press on soldier. To God be the glory…

  2. Dear Pastor Mark and family, This is so neat to hear of your daily mission activities – I pray God’s blessings as you teach and preach.

    I’ve connected with Rafiki and there are some ROS(Rafiki Overseas Staff)people who will be in the Richardson area to meet and greet and hear their wonderful stories about the Rafiki orphan villages. I hope to possibly travel to Africa soon.

    Also, my prayers are with the mission program in India, and my dear, sweet little Elisha Parwin whom I sponsor, and for the mission pastors, and buildings in the new city -God is sovereign, and He is where you are, where I am, with every person in the whole world, if only we seek Him. God bless, and watch over all your team.

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