November 11th 2015 1 comment so far  

america-517927_1920It’s Veterans’ Day. Veterans will eat free all over town, hear “thank you for your service” from strangers, and get special discounts at the mall, Home Depot, and Lowe’s. Those who have served in the US military will appreciate these gestures and will kindly respond to the sentiments expressed. It will be a day of good feelings all around.

Mind you, this hoopla will be uncomfortable for those who served during the Korean and Vietnam conflicts. For them, cold indifference is a welcome contrast to what they experienced on their homecoming or …

How Not to Have Peace

October 30th 2015 2 comments so far  

to-do-While I am a novice at maintaining peace of mind, I am an expert at shattering it. I wanted to share with you today how the Lord offers us peace, but I must first share what comes naturally to me—a tendency to crush all peace with anxiety.

Anxiety is an ongoing feeling of worry, fear, or unease; it is a feeling that something terrible is looming, even if no immediate threat is present. That is, of course, the opposite of peace, which here I will define as a sound mind in the …

Deal With It

October 21st 2015 3 comments so far  

rubbish paper crumpledLast week, I made a mistake. (Well, I made hundreds, but one is of note today.) In my haste after work one night, I left a Tupperware of half-eaten, creamy pasta sitting in my kitchen sink—and I didn’t find it until the following evening. The lid was still on, so thankfully, I was not confronted with its stench. Yet.

Naturally, I was afraid to open that container, because I knew the smell would be awful. So what did I do? Did I hold my nose and clean it, braving the …

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