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Running Out of Time?

July 24th 2007 No comments yet  

How many times have each of you been talking with someone and used the phrase “I wish I had more time” or “we’re just so busy”? These are two common phrases that identify most of us in our daily lives. We live in a culture where we seek counseling for time management and over schedule our commitments with work, family, and church and inevitably something falls through the cracks. The question now becomes, when is it not about me and my time but about serving others?

Others Needs

A few years ago, I came to the realization that I needed to begin thinking about others needs, rather than just solely my own. Christ really began to instill in me the values of service and how the love of Jesus Christ can be demonstrated through giving of my time. Jesus has a way of preparing everyone for a mission and when I was asked to lead Stonebriar’s volunteer ministry, my passion for serving was given an outlet into what is now called ProjectServe.

The Last Two Years

In almost two years since the inception of ProjectServe, ministry opportunities have varied to assist the diverse ministries here at Stonebriar Community Church. God placed on my heart this year that in modeling “community”, our service opportunities could expand outside of the doors of Stonebriar. So far this year, we have partnered with the City of Frisco to assist with community events and most recently went to DFW Airport to welcome home 200 troops returning from serving on the front-lines in Iraq. Demonstrating Christ by giving of my time not only ministered to my community and to the troops sacrificing their lives for our country but it impacted me. It reinforces daily to me, that we live in a suburb where our community needs Christ. What many gifts and teaching I would have missed, had I said I “was too busy” or “I have no time”!

How to Find Service Opportunities

If hearing my service experience motivates you to also serve, there is an easy way to find service opportunities. We have plenty to go around. Check out the volunteer service guide, or give us a call here at the church.

Published by: Troy Duke


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