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School Dedicated in Honor of Church Member

November 8th 2012 No comments yet  

Joyce ComstockAt 7:30 a.m. one morning, Joyce Comstock got a call. Preparing for bad news, she braced herself and answered the phone. “A friend of mine said, “˜Joyce, are you sitting down? There’s going to be a Joyce Comstock School.'”

“No one was ever more surprised,” Joyce said. “I’m very honored and very humbled.” After 21 years in education, eight years at Frisco High School, she would have an elementary school bearing her name.

However, Joyce had one request before accepting the honor. She asked if her maiden name, Kelly, could be included in the new elementary school’s name.

For her, education had been a family affair.  Joyce’s father came from a big family and had to quit school after fifth grade to work for the railroad. At age 12, he was sleeping on a cot near the train station. However, he later worked to instill a love of education in his children.

“My dad is really important. He was such an encourager,” Joyce said. She wanted her maiden name included to honor her father.

To read more, go to http://www.stonebriar.org/newsevents/connection-news/.


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