Our Eyes Are on the Prize

For me, attending Vacation Bible School every year was one of the most fun things about being a Christian kid. (Other things on that list include watching Veggie Tales and performing in Christmas pageants, in case you’re wondering.) Though it’s been more than a decade since I’ve attended VBS myself, I have always seen this […]

Always Abounding

I must be the champion of short-term resolutions. I can do anything—for about 30 days. Fueled by excitement, I rapidly gain speed toward a shiny new goal…then just as rapidly tire and give up on it. Even if I do press on, I have lost the spring in my step that I had at the […]

Compromise In the Workplace: How Far Should You Go?

Ever since I switched my ill-fated biology major to mass communications the summer after my freshman year in college, I’ve dreamed of a career in sports media. I like covering games, and I love writing columns, but it’s my dream to host a major morning drive radio show. Getting paid to sit in a room […]