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The Littlest Angel

July 30th 2015 (2) comments so far  

teresa kay blog boxWhen my children were young, I loved to read them a special book at Christmas, The Littlest Angel. It was not in the least biblically-based and, for that, I may have been wrong.  However, the story was so poignant and the message so meaningful, I could not help reading it Christmas after Christmas.  I still love to read it.

It is the story of a little boy who dies and goes to heaven and becomes an angel.  He is not an exemplary angel at all, having a few misadventures and wreaking quite a bit of havoc in the heavenly realms.  His antics are pretty amusing.  After some time, he eventually gets his little act together and becomes a better angel.

Then, there comes a time for a big heavenly event.  God’s Son is going to be born on Earth, and all the heavenly host are going to give Him presents before His departure.  The Littlest Angel is very perplexed and struggles with what he can give to the Holy Son of God.  As he thinks about this problem, he realizes he doesn’t have much of anything to give.  He finally decides on a gift–something very special to him.  It is an old box full of treasures he had as a boy when he lived on Earth.

On the day the gifts are presented to the Lord, there are magnificent gifts to behold.  The tiny little angel is in anguish over the lackluster gift he has given.  It is not shiny or beautiful or anything special at all, he thinks.  When it is finally chosen, he is crying and trying to hide because he is so ashamed.  However, the Lord finds his gift to be very special because it came from his heart and was all he had to give. The Lord even chooses the Littlest Angel’s gift to become the Star of Bethlehem!

Do you ever find yourself thinking that you have nothing to give to the Lord, or that what you do have is not nearly enough?  That it is not worthy?  I know I do.  I can easily look around at how gifted other people are and at what they can do for the Lord.  Comparing is not something we are supposed to do, but. . . I find myself doing it.  Of course, in doing so, I begin to feel very inadequate and discouraged–even ashamed.

My gift to the Lord may seem as lackluster as the Littlest Angel’s in comparison to what others have to offer.  I am not a gifted orator; a riveting teacher; a talented musician; or a bold evangelist.  But I know that I want to give back to the Lord for all He has done for me.  Serving Him is an act of worship. Therefore, simply being available to serve Him in how He leads me is the best I can do. I have the gift of “helps.”  It is not a showstopper.  It is a behind-the-scenes, roll up your sleeves, get the task done kind of gift.  However, it is just as necessary, just as “beautiful” as the other gifts are.

What gift has the Lord given you to share with others? Maybe you are more of a behind-the-scenes type of person–a prayer warrior, an encourager, a person with a merciful heart.  Or maybe you are a gifted orator, talented musician, riveting teacher, or a bold evangelist.  Whatever your gift is (and we all have at least one!), if you use it to glorify the Lord and bring honor to Him, it is worthy. So, use your gift to serve the Lord, and He will make it shine–just like the Littlest Angel’s did!

Written by Teresa Kay

How will you use your gifts to serve the Lord? Check out ProjectServe for opportunities at Stonebriar. 



    Melinda King July 30th at 1:08 pm  

    It is a great book. I love how there was so much biblical meaning put into a non – biblical story. So true that we all have different gifts that we can use to glorify Him and nobody should be ashamed of what they have to give.


    Guy White July 31st at 6:24 am  

    Excellent thought. We all have something…. to give.

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