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This New First Something

August 23rd 2007 No comments yet  

A few days ago I wrote my first blog””for a guy who regularly crashes his computer, that’s a milestone. As I sat in front of my computer, I mused about some of the “firsts” in my life, and then I wondered how we all respond to first somethings. First date, first time to eat a Cajun meal, first failure at work, first success at work, first worship service””you know, all the firsts of something in our lives.

Then I remembered God’s disappointment with the Ephesian church in Revelation 2. “I have this against you,” he said, “You have left your first love.” In my mind, our first love was our passion for Christ that literally erupted in surprising, but very real, ways to show people the reality of our love for God.

Now that’s a different kind of first. And I’m wondering about myself at times. Can someone look at my life and see a real difference that erupts from the fire in the belly that comes from Christ’s life in me? Sometimes yes. Sometimes no. It’s the latter times of “no” that concern me the most.

I’m also wondering about our church at times. Our church had an earlier season of hands-on service while we met in schools. But we moved into a season of professionalism when we moved into our current building. I’m wondering, “Did we leave behind anything of our first love, left behind with the white plastic chairs in the school building? Have we possibly left behind some of our clear joy and passions that rose from our weekly service?” In some ways, no. In other ways, yes.

We certainly continued with a commitment to the mission. As well, many people have been authentically touched for life by some relationship at church. Yet we see so many needs and seeking people that we can always stoke the fires of our servant-leadership. We are about to enter a new season in the church’s history (that new building is going up every day)””so I’m thinking it’s time to experience a new first once again. I hope our new season is filled with the same approach to service as in our first love””the first love of erupting with acts of care and service for Christ, the first gestures of acceptance for anyone coming through the doors, the first sense of calling and passion for a ministry that can actually change the atmosphere of Frisco.

I’m thinking we need to commit to this new first something. It sounds right to me, how about you? It’ll require courage, but that’s a different conversation for a future time.

Published by: Paul Utnage


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