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Tuesday Night in Maputo

July 9th 2008 (3) comments so far  

A friend once described jetlag as feeling like your mind is on one continent, your body on another and your stomach somewhere in between. I think she’s nailed it. Right now my body’s exhausted, my mind’s racing and my stomach is confused.
We had a very good day of meetings. CDL continues to grow in spite of significant challenges on every front. God is at work in this broken land. Our team spent the day with CDL’s leaders investigating a Kinko’s-type business idea as one possible revenue source for the seminary. We also spent the afternoon brainstorming the establishment of an English/Portuguese International school that would be led by Christians but serve both believing and non-believing families. This approach to schooling would provide a platform for the gospel and nurture young people in a context of biblical truth and virtues. I know several schools around the world with this refreshing missional approach to “Christian” schooling. Unfortunately I don’t see that many such schools in the US. There is still much to be done and decided before we can begin to dream of such a venture, but what dream it is””a quality school that models and teaches biblical truth for Mozambican and international children while also creating revenue for a seminary. That’s our dream. Will you pray with us for it to become reality?



    Andrea July 9th at 8:12 am  

    Thank you Mark for your heart and sharing all of this with us.


    DonnaJeane July 10th at 10:25 am  

    Thank you for the updates Mark. We always miss you when you are away. I love the discussions you are having regarding an International school. A great way for many of us ‘about-to-retire” baby boomers to consider focusing our efforts for our next career adventure. Looking forward to more updates. God’s hand of guidance, protection and good health on ‘ya’ll.’

    Donna Younglove


    Sherry Waples July 30th at 8:16 am  

    Oh, what joy feels my soul to hear all of this, and YOU are there. It was the desire of my heart as a child to be a missionary, and yes, I’ve found God’s Will, but I like how DonnaJeane said “about-to-retire”, and a new career adventure. Get rid of all the stuff, and join you or our best man forty-two years ago, who is know in Capetown. I pray that you find rest, restoration and health in your travels.
    Thank you for going.

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