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Volunteering is a Way to Say “Thank You”

May 30th 2012 No comments yet  

Volunteer Coordinator, Teresa Kay describes Kathy O’Shanic as the “Queen of Volunteers” because “she is willing to do most anything!” Read more about how she tirelessly serves our Stonebriar family:

I started attending Stonebriar on Mother’s Day in 2002; I had only been saved two years at that point.  I joined the church in September of 2002.  I think my first volunteering was Christmas decorating that year so in December I will have been volunteering for 10 years! 

I think the main reason I wanted to start volunteering was that I was so grateful to the Lord for saving me that I wanted to thank Him.  After I started, I found out I really enjoyed being around the church helping people.  I’ve done so many things over the years, anywhere I was needed I was there! 

It’s really hard to pick one thing I enjoy most, but at the moment I think it’s helping at the Information Desk on Sundays.  Since I was so nervous about coming to church for the first time when I started attending, I wanted to be a welcoming sign to people who feel the same way now.  I can see them coming in the doors not sure of what to do or where to go.  I make eye contact with them with a big smile on my face.  I try to make them at ease and answer any questions they might have.  I’ve had some wonderful conversations and have met people just visiting from out-of-state to people checking out different churches in the area to see where they would be most comfortable.  I always try to make them feel so at home that they want to come back.  Since I also do the visitor letters, I sometimes make note of their names.  When I do the visitor letters the following week I will add a personal note from me telling them I enjoyed talking to them on Sunday.  I know how important that initial contact can be.  I don’t want anyone to leave our church with the feeling that they weren’t wanted.    

Of course the other things I’m doing now are also very high on my list of likes.  I love working in the office on the visitor letters and database work when needed.  Also, this year I am a leader in Wednesday morning Women’s Bible Study.  I feel so comfortable doing it that I know it’s where God wants me to be at this point in my life. 

I would really love to see more people volunteer.  It is such a blessing. 

If you would like more information on how to volunteer, click here. We always have exciting ways for you to get involved. Currently, we are looking for greeters and guides, like Kathy, to make guests feel at home with us at Stonebriar. Our Children’s Ministry also needs teachers and classroom assistants to volunteer during the summer.


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