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What Do You Expect To Happen As You Read These Stonebriar Blogs?

August 20th 2007 (3) comments so far  

Be honest. As you peruse our open conversations, what do you hope to experience?

I had to ask myself the same question””especially since I am now writing my first blog. That’s right, it’s my first blog. Like first step, first kids camp, first junior high class, first car, first kiss, first job, first faith (or in some people’s case, the order might have been changed””my first kiss came last). So since this is my first blog, I’m asking myself what I hope to happen.

For the past five decades I have pretty much given myself to looking for new firsts. I’ve tried different schools; I’ve worked in different types of church settings and leadership positions; I’ve even tried to push myself to experience some things that may have been somewhat scary to other people (at least, so I’ve been told). My wife says I have “stretched her comfort zone” at times (I sometimes wonder what we mean by that, but that’s another blog conversation). So I’m ok with this new first, but I’m still asking myself what I hope to happen.

I’m hoping that I experience something similar to the other firsts in my life. First some things have always opened new experiences for me. Even more, they have always opened new friendships, fresh things to learn, and sometimes some eye-opening insights. Some firsts have become traditions for me; other firsts have never been repeated (in other words, I don’t ever want to try that again). So I’m going to try this first blog.

But I wonder if the idea of a first something has a different ring to it for other people, a different feel to it, a different memory connected with it for other people. It’d be an interesting conversation sometime.

Published by: Paul Utnage



    John Reineck August 20th at 1:23 pm  

    My wife also says that I stretch her comfort zone. I think this is wife speak for they don’t understand why we do what we do.

    I wonder; what would happen if we compare our firsts to the first of those we admire in the Bible? The first major trial of Joseph or Job? The first trip of Paul’s? Did our heroes of the Bible also have the same anxiouties as we do when they had their firsts?

    Just a thought


    Timothy Fish August 20th at 1:48 pm  

    I think this is the first time that I have visited this site and if I am honest, I don’t expect anything to happen. I think that what you can expect from a blog or any website is that you will encounter some people that you might not expect. That can be a good thing or a bad thing.


    Bonnie Serman August 25th at 7:29 pm  

    iN enterveiwing people from Stonebiar….I recommend, if she will do it, that you interview Julie Stephenson, a Jew who was born in New York and found her way to Texas and Stonebriar…she has a wonderful tetimony. Thia ia good segment. as I really enjoy people telling why they have come to Stonebriar as I do phoning to first time visitors and their comments help me to converse with new people….Bonnie Serman

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