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What’s in a Shoebox?

October 7th 2016 No comments yet  

occ1If you have been around Stonebriar during the holiday season before, you have seen the little red and green shoeboxes for Operation Christmas Child. But if you have never packed one yourself before, you may not know everything that those little boxes can hold. As our countdown to Christmas continues, I invite you to take a peek inside the packaging (I won’t tell mom and dad—I promise).

What goes in an Operation Christmas Child shoebox gift?

  1. Hygiene items and clothing. Often, the most treasured items in these boxes are things you and I take for granted every day. One little girl in a video interview said that, of all she received, her favorite thing in her box was a toothbrush. For children in developing countries, a bar of soap or a pair of socks are as precious as iPhones and Xboxes.
  2. Toys. Many of the children who are given OCC shoeboxes have never received a gift before. Can you imagine living like kids do in this Ecuadorian village, scavenging a living out of a garbage dump, and then one day receiving a box with your first toy? Receiving something colorful against the gray, something special just for you… The smiles on these children’s faces tell it all.
  3. A photo or letter. Families who donate a shoebox gift are encouraged to include something personal to show their love to a child across the world. One American boy traced his hand on a piece of paper so the little girl who received his shoebox could hold his hand from across the world. Get creative and show these kids you care!
  4. A $7 processing donation. This helps cover shipping and ensures that all other monetary donations go to help families in need.
  5. An opportunity to learn the Gospel. In addition to a shoebox gift, each child receives a book about Jesus and can enroll in The Greatest Journey—a 12-lesson Bible study course that shows children how to be followers of Christ. This course introduces children to God’s Word and equips them to share it with their families and friends.

What will you put in your shoebox this month? Box collection at Stonebriar runs from October 30 through November 13, so start collecting items for a child in need today. To learn more about Operation Christmas Child and to sign up to volunteer at a gift processing center, visit our website.



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