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When Waiting Doesn’t Mean Wait

July 3rd 2014 (3) comments so far  

AmyBlog1As a single adult, I sometimes feel that my answer to every question others ask about my personal life is the same—I’m waiting. Waiting to find the right person, waiting to start a family, the list could go on and on. But as I’ve grown older, I have realized that many of us singles, especially Christian singles, wait for things we need not to, living half lives in the name of waiting.

Sometimes waiting doesn’t mean wait.

Isaiah 40:31 says, “But they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength, they shall mount up with wings like eagles, they shall run and not be weary, they shall walk and not faint.”

I don’t know about you, but this looks like an active form of waiting to me. These Christians are not being idle; they are mounting up with wings, running, walking, renewing their strength. They are not passively awaiting God’s will to fall in their laps. They are working while they wait.

Don’t Wait to Start Your Life

Life does not begin, or end, with marriage. It begins with God. It began when He breathed life into us. Marriage is a step, a stage of life, not life itself. Our calling is not wrapped up in a spouse, but in the intricate weave of God’s will. We should not use singlehood as an excuse to sit on the sidelines, but should start pursuing the life God has given us now.

When God made Adam, He made Adam wait for Eve. But He did not let Adam sit and be idle. He gave him work to do. He made Adam start his life and his work alone. Adam was put in charge of God’s creation and given the responsibility of naming every living creature while he was looking for a companion. When God knew that Adam was ready, He brought him Eve. Until then, Adam lived, worked, and pursued the things of God.

God didn’t create you to sit and wait. He created you for a purpose—and He wants you to find and fulfill that purpose now.

Do you have a career you want to pursue? Pursue it. Do you have a goal you want to reach? Start working toward it. Marital status is not a requirement for beginning adult life or working toward your dreams.

God knew that Adam needed to start his work before starting a marriage—he needed to discover his loneliness and need for a spouse before receiving one. Many of us find satisfaction in our work. We find our identity in our careers and calling. Adam was probably very satisfied with his life on that sixth day of creation, when he first began to work. But as the day wore on and Adam worked alone, he began to desire company. He knew that work was not enough. He needed Eve.

Maybe one of the reasons God has not brought you a spouse is because you don’t need one yet. Perhaps you are satisfied in your work, your relationships, your freedom. God wants you to remain single until you need a spouse, if indeed you do—sometimes, God calls us to singlehood. Don’t wait to pursue your calling until you have married. When you need a spouse, God will bring that person to you.




    Kathy Goodwin July 7th at 3:04 pm  

    I agree 100%! We spend so much of our lives “waiting until” until we meet someone, until we are married, until we have a baby, until we find the right job, until the baby talks or walks or can feed himself. We wait until we have a nicer place to invite friends over. The best time we ever spent with friends was when we had no living room furniture. Please do not “wait” because from my older view, we spend a lot of our lives waiting…get busy now!


    Carl July 9th at 8:43 am  

    I think too many people, unknowingly, have placed undue pressure on people who are single. To a lot of people, being a Christian means being married and having children. As a result of this opinion those who are single are made to feel inadequate and “disabled”.

    I have come to agree with others who have stated that not every married couple is meant to have children, and not everyone is meant to be married. We are fortunate to have men like Abe Kuruvilla who teach a theology of Christ-centered singleness.

    Also, in regards to waiting, I was exposed to a different perspective on waiting after reading David Timms book, Sacred Waiting. He proposes that instead of having the view of waiting as asking God for something and then sitting back and waiting for God to deliver, visualize waiting in the position of a waiter at a restaurant whose job is to satisfy the needs and requests of the customer. Think footman at Downton Abbey.


    Darla Hill July 9th at 8:46 am  

    Great advice! Even for us old married folks.

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